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Beloved Beauty 

4 weeks of 

BEAUTY + Business

Be Empowered + Equipped + Inspired by beauty Professionals & Boss babes as they share, listen, & engage with you

Boss Babe Speaker Panel 

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Allee Williams

Digital Strategist, Speaker, Podcaster, & Founder of Malibu Social

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Kristen Perino

Fashion Stylist, Founder/Author of Selfie to Selfless, Volunteer Extraordinaire

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Dr. Stacey Shillington.png

Dr. Stacey Shillington

Naturopathic Doctor, Acne & Anti-Aging Expert, Founder, Speaker, Philanthropist

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Ashlyn Showalter

Health Coach, Personal Trainer, & Found of Love Your Body Academy

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Katie Arfa, PsyD

 Health Psychologist, Personal Trainer, Co-founder of Re4m Life

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Lauren Cashatt-Ngo

Personal Trainer, Stunt Double, Cofounder Re4m Life

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Jessica Shakir

Celebrity Hair + Makeup Artist, TV Host, Beauty Authenticity Coach

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Maria Bliach

Hair Stylist & Owner of Salt Hair LoungeHost of the Elevated Beauty Industry Series

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Workshop #1

July 7th | 3:30 PM

​Allee Williams &

Kristen Perino

Goal Setting + Time Management

Do you struggle with procrastination and laying a foundation to attain the goals you want for your future? In this workshop, Allee and Kristen offer guidance on how to break down your dreams into attainable steps. 

You don't want to miss this one & the giveaway!

Workshop #2

July 17th | 4:30pm

Dr. Katie Arfa &

Lauren Cashatt-Ngo

Mind + Body

Psychiatrist Dr. Katie Arfa dives into the ways to manage stress in everyday life and how to combat triggering situations. While Health Coach & Personal Trainer Lauren Cashatt-Ngo encourages the importance of how an active lifestyle can enhance your overall mood and benefit your mental health.

Workshop #3

July 22nd | 11:30Am

Dr. Stacey Shillington ND &

Ashlyn Showalter

Skin + Nutrition

In this session, Dr. Stacey Shillington ND and Influencer Health Coach Ashlyn Showalter highlight skin and gut health, and the ways we can heal our bodies through a natural and holistic approach. 

Workshop #4

July 27th | 4:00PM

Jessica Shakir &

Maria Bliach  

Hair + Makeup

“Authentic beauty begins in the soul + works its way outward. Therefore, beauty is to be unveiled rather than applied. ”  — JESSICA SHAKIR


Jessica and Maria offer their extensive hair and makeup wisdom along with the steps they took to build their beauty business empires from the ground up!

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