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Rachael Roland

CEO & Founder

Rachael is the founder and CEO of Beloved Beauty. She founded the organization in 2018 to help sex-trafficking survivors create more promising futures.


A big picture thinker and a charismatic personality, Rachael continually devotes herself to being a positive influence in the Los Angeles community. 


Rachael has been working to help sex trafficking survivors for several years. Most notably in 2016, when she traveled to Cambodia and Thailand partnering with Destiny Rescue to work in their international recovery homes for young women rescued out of sex trafficking.


Rachael recognized the importance of financial independence and career stability in preventing survivors from re-entering the sex industry, and with her previous experience, saw cosmetology as a solution.


In 2018, Rachael founded Beloved Beauty and since then has  dedicated herself to mentoring and empowering sex trafficking survivors.

Moriah Garcia

Director of Operations


Moriah is a theatre graduate who transitioned from performing in front of the camera for film and television in Hollywood to performing acts of service for the community.


The desire to assist the inner-city youth, survivors of sex trafficking, and the houseless demographic, especially during the pandemic, was her turning point from acting to activism.


After overcoming gun violence as a child, Garcia now uses her platform to give other survivors a voice and advocates for mental health.

Outstanding listener with a knack for helping others overcome personal issues. Knows exactly when you need cuddles. Also supervises any and all snacks as well as squeaky toys.

Olaf Roland

On-site Counselor

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